Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009 {Tampa Family Photography}

WOW!!!! I can not believe the year flew by SO FAST!!! I want to thank my clients for such a great year and I can not wait for another great year to come!

This contest is my favorite images of 2009. I had help choosing these images from other photographers and family members. They are also ones thats I am very proud of. To tell you the truth this was very hard for me, seeing I love all of my images :) But here they are the best 9 of 2009 (please keep reading for contest rules):

*UPDATE* 9-9-10

VOTING WILL BE CLOSED AT 9PM!!!!! Winners will be announced shortly after :)

Keep up the great work and vote vote vote










See I told you they were good! Now below please choose the one that moves you the most by typing the number you wish to vote for. Please play fair and do one vote a day :) Please pass the link of the blog to all your friends and family. Post on facebook and your own family blog, have fun and good luck. The winner will receive a free $50 gift certificate to use on a future session. $50 gift card will be good for 6 months, not to redeem for cash. Contest ends January 9th and winners to be announced the 10th.

Thank you to everyone who made this year the best to date... Lets together make 2010 even better :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun Family Session {Tampa Family Photographer}

Last week I had such a fun family session! It was 4 generations, it was even more special because this is all grandma wanted for the holidays! I really had alot of fun getting to know "O" and "T". They made me work hard for these images but I enjoyed every part of it!

Mom already saw her gallery, since the holidays are right around the corner. But here is a sneak peek to your friends and family! Enjoy! Happy Holidays...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Urban Family Fun!!! {Tampa Family Photographer}

On Monday I had the pleasure of photographing this fun family! We had a lot of fun, from jumping off chairs to posing with Michael Jackson! This family knows how to have fun and it shows through their photos. Unfortunately the sun went down way to fast, but that just means we have another shoot to do together :) I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and enjoy your camping trip!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh what FUN... {Tampa Baby Photographer}

Little "S" is one! WOW I can not believe that she is one already! I feel like it was yesterday I did her new born session, 3 and 6 month sessions. She is always a doll to work with. I am going to miss photographing her every couple of months :( As always she was so much fun this sessions. "S" has grown up so much from her 6 month session, so smart and her little "boy" face just melts my heart.

I hoppe you enjoy your sneak peek!

This is sweet! This is a photo from her 6 month session and her 1 year session. "S" and her daddy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday {Tampa Photography}

Ashleigh-Faye Photography has 3 GREAT Black friday deals. Follow this link to my facebook page for more info!

Please remember all specials are good until midnight on 12/27/09. I will be checking my email all day Friday. These great deals start now and will only be here for 2 days!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet little baby "G" {Tampa Baby Photographer}

Yesterday I got to meet baby "G". He was 2.5 weeks early but wanted to come out into this world so bad :) He wins the award for the strongest and most wiggly baby! But at the same time was the sweetest and a little gem. He let me do what I wanted, and was nice not to pee or poop on me... He saved that for mommy between shots hehe! I had a great time guys, Thank you for choosing me to capture this wonderful time in your life!

I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

6 month already? {Tampa Baby Photographer}

Today I had little "E"'s 6 month session. I can not believe how big she has gotten. I remember her newborn and 3 month sessions like it was yesterday. I was so surprised that she greeted me with a big smile. See her last 2 sessions she wanted nothing to do with my camera. She loved me, but when that camera came out... Forget about it!!! Oh this sessions was such a treat!

Enjoy your sneak peek :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Little G 3 month session! {Tampa Baby Photography}

I have a fun session today! It was baby "G"s 3 month session! She is just a sweet heart! She didn't have a good night sleep the night before but still smiled big for me! I loved all the faces she was giving me :) We are going to do some more in a couple days and really I have so many ideas. I can't wait to get my hands on her for some holiday images :)

Angie I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! See you on Friday!

This next one I just has to do! We did the newborn image and when I walked in her room today and saw the bear I was shocked. I thought the bear was BIG. But it was just she was so small :) I love this!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kids Cancer Crusade~ Little M {Tampa Family Photographer}

Last weekend I had a great e-mail waiting for me in my inbox! It was "M"s mommy! She let me know she heard of me through Kids Cancer Crusade. (I am the photographer for the Tampa area!)
She told me her daughters story and I just had to photograph the family! To me children and parents of children with cancer/tumors are my heros! I am not a beach photographer but had to do it for them after knowing the beach meant a lot to them :)

I had SO much fun today! Thank you for contacting me. M really stole my heart, and her A & Z were a lot of fun! I felt so blessed I can share this time with you guys and give you memories to last forever.

I love this image!




This last one melts my heart. M was running up to the water and then back again. It was so sweet!

Again Thank You for contacting me! I had a blast!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Digital Collections {Tampa Baby Photography}

I am proud to announce I now offer Digital Collections! It is important to me for my clients to have these memories for a life time. Now with the digital collection it makes it easy to keep all the images on hand at all times. You also get a lot of extra products!

Digital Collections:

Collection A:

- All images on a disc. (color and b&w)
- 5x7 proofs of all poses (color OR b&w) in a nice photo box (image of your choice)
- 3 wallet size brag books (all 3 books same images)
- DVD slide show set to music of all images from session

Collection B:

- All images on a disc. (color and b&w)
- 5x7 proofs of all poses (color OR b&w) in a nice photo box (image of your choice)
- 3 wallet size brag books (all 3 books same images)
-10x10 Leather coffee table book
- $250 print credit on desk and wall prints
- DVD slide show set to music of all images from session

Collection C:


- All images on a disc. (color and b&w)
- 5x7 proofs of all poses (color and b&w) in a nice photo box (image of your choice)
- 3 wallet size brag books (all 3 books same images)
-10x10 Leather coffee table book
- 2 10 page 5x5 coffee table grandparent brag book (hard cover)
- DVD slide show set to music of all images from session

Monday, October 19, 2009

A year older, just as sweet! {Tampa baby photographer}

Oh i had so much fun with sweet little "A". I can not believe how much fun she had with that cake. Inno time at all she was digging in and it was no longer a cite little cake :) "A's" little personality is just so sweet and funny. In person she smiles a lot! But once she is in front of any camera she is miss little serious! But it is so her. I really enjoyed being abel to capture this time for her mommy! She will always look back and see her sweet little girl, and her favorite rat :)

Enjoy your sneak peek! I had such a blast, thank you for being so welcoming!!!

Meet little "K" {Tampa children's photographer}

I had the best time last week at this session! This little girl should be a model! She knew how to work a camera, SO FUN! "K" was such a free spirit and has such a sweet smile. She kept cracking me up with the little booty shakes, silly faces and tippy toe dances! I am so grateful her mommy came to me for this time in their lives! Can't wait for more sessions in the future! She made my job easy and fun!

Enjoy your sneak peek!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Z & G {Tampa Baby Photographer}

Oh what fun, Zoe is ONE!!!! I can not believe Miss. Zoe is One!!!!! I feel like yesterday she was born and I was doing her newborn images at 4 day and 9 days old. Zoe's mommy is a dear friend of mine and I have loved watching this little one grow up before my eyes! I can not wait for Zoe's little sister to be born :)

The little guy is Zoe's uncle G! I have loved seeing him again. He moved away and we have missed him so much! I was honored they hired me to capture all the new things in their life! I can't believe Zoe is one or how grown up G has gotten! Enjoy you sneak peek Ash, and Thank you for choosing me to watch your princess grow!