Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday {Tampa Photography}

Ashleigh-Faye Photography has 3 GREAT Black friday deals. Follow this link to my facebook page for more info!

Please remember all specials are good until midnight on 12/27/09. I will be checking my email all day Friday. These great deals start now and will only be here for 2 days!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet little baby "G" {Tampa Baby Photographer}

Yesterday I got to meet baby "G". He was 2.5 weeks early but wanted to come out into this world so bad :) He wins the award for the strongest and most wiggly baby! But at the same time was the sweetest and a little gem. He let me do what I wanted, and was nice not to pee or poop on me... He saved that for mommy between shots hehe! I had a great time guys, Thank you for choosing me to capture this wonderful time in your life!

I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

6 month already? {Tampa Baby Photographer}

Today I had little "E"'s 6 month session. I can not believe how big she has gotten. I remember her newborn and 3 month sessions like it was yesterday. I was so surprised that she greeted me with a big smile. See her last 2 sessions she wanted nothing to do with my camera. She loved me, but when that camera came out... Forget about it!!! Oh this sessions was such a treat!

Enjoy your sneak peek :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Little G 3 month session! {Tampa Baby Photography}

I have a fun session today! It was baby "G"s 3 month session! She is just a sweet heart! She didn't have a good night sleep the night before but still smiled big for me! I loved all the faces she was giving me :) We are going to do some more in a couple days and really I have so many ideas. I can't wait to get my hands on her for some holiday images :)

Angie I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! See you on Friday!

This next one I just has to do! We did the newborn image and when I walked in her room today and saw the bear I was shocked. I thought the bear was BIG. But it was just she was so small :) I love this!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kids Cancer Crusade~ Little M {Tampa Family Photographer}

Last weekend I had a great e-mail waiting for me in my inbox! It was "M"s mommy! She let me know she heard of me through Kids Cancer Crusade. (I am the photographer for the Tampa area!)
She told me her daughters story and I just had to photograph the family! To me children and parents of children with cancer/tumors are my heros! I am not a beach photographer but had to do it for them after knowing the beach meant a lot to them :)

I had SO much fun today! Thank you for contacting me. M really stole my heart, and her A & Z were a lot of fun! I felt so blessed I can share this time with you guys and give you memories to last forever.

I love this image!




This last one melts my heart. M was running up to the water and then back again. It was so sweet!

Again Thank You for contacting me! I had a blast!