Sunday, May 23, 2010

-1 week old {Twin Newborn Photographer Tampa}

Well today I had the pleasure of photographing baby "I" & "E". They are 13 weeks old, But their due date was May 27th. They just came home from the NICU and I am so happy I reached out to the mom :)

See mom contacted me 15 weeks ago about maternity images. I never heard back and just thought "oh she must of found a batter match for their Artistic needs". Well I could not stop thinking of them so I set her an email to let her know of a great special I was having. I came to find out she delivered at 26 weeks. My heart sank and kept the twins in my prayers at night. Well last week I did something I do not do all the time. I wrote her to see if the twins were ok and then offered a session for them. Only because I was thinking of them often.

Today was a great session, "E" wanted nothing o do with the session, but was such a good girl.

Enjoy your sneak peek :)

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